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AACS Workshop2

Since 2013 in odd numbered years, the AACS Division has hosted a student-oriented, hand-on workshop that highlights the application of material science to cultural heritage. The division financially sponsors student participation to the extent possible on an as-needed basis.

2013 AACS Workshop Stanford, CA: approximately twenty participants gathered at the Stanford synchrotron for three days to learn about synchrotron-based research applied to cultural heritage.

2015 Miami, FL What’s New in Ancient Glass Research: participants learned about novel research applied to ancient glass characterization and degradation

2017 Washington DC Museums ‘Behind the Scenes’: For one week, eight undergraduates were invited to Washington, DC for the opportunity to see applications of science to art and natural history collections.

2019 PACRIM symposium: instead of a workshop, AACS sponsored a symposium at this meeting to connect participants with cultural heritage science in Asia.

2021 website reconstruction: during COVID, the AACS division overhauled its website.