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ACerS Basic Science Publications

As a service to the members of the Basic Science Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society that are relevant to the science industry.

We invite you to enjoy these articles, which are free to read until December 31, 2018 and suggest you take a look at the articles selected for all the divisions.

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Publication Highlights

Evaluation of dynamic viscosity and rheological properties of ceramic materials during liquid phase sintering by numerical‐experimental procedure
E Salahi

Synthesis of dense, fine‐grained hexagonal barium ferrite ceramics by two‐step sintering process
H Zheng

In situ shrinkage measurement during pressure‐assisted sintering of low temperature co‐fired ceramic panels
B Mieller

Phase evolution and microwave dielectric properties of BaTi4O9 ceramics prepared by reaction sintering method
T Luo

Densification kinetics of boron carbide with medium entropy alloy as a sintering aid during spark plasma sintering
M Zhang