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The Bioceramics Division of The American Ceramic Society is dedicated to stimulate the growth and activity of the Society, particularly in the areas of the science, engineering, and manufacturing of bioceramics, biocomposites, and biomaterials.

ACerS 124th Annual Meeting with Materials Science & Technology 2022

pittsburgh, pa, usa

October 9-13, 2022
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YouTube video contest

The American Ceramic Society’s (ACerS) Bioceramics Division is pleased to announce a YouTube video contest to showcase recent innovation and technological advancement in the field of bioceramics. The top three awardees and a fourth team of students from a low- and middle-income country will each receive a cash prize, certificate, and notable mention in the March 2023 ACerS Bulletin.

These videos are to be posted on a personal YouTube account by December 5, 2022 and an email confirmation sent to Karen McCurdy ( .

The award winning videos will be posted at the Bioceramics Division website, after receiving consent.

For more information including contest guidelines, please visit this link.

Bioceramics 32 held in Venice, Italy; September 20-23, 2022

“To strengthen intersociety ties, the American Ceramic Society recently endorsed the symposium and annual meeting organized by the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (Bioceramics 32) held in Venice on September 20-23, 2022. During this event, ACerS has sponsored a well-attended symposium on ‘Antibacterial bioceramics for smart prosthetic applications’ with speakers from Italy, Germany, France, India, and others. The ACerS Bioceramics division (represented by prof. Bikramjit Basu, Prof. Annabel Braem and Ms. Sadaf Batool) attended the conference. A key note lecture was given by Prof. Bikramjit Basu on the topic of "Biomaterials and bioengineering-based strategies to combat implant infections: New perspectives to old challenges."

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The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation within the field of ceramic science and engineering.

ACerS strives to promote involvement and access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, career path or academic level.

About The Bioceramics Division

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DVD Courses on Bioceramics and Bioactive Glasses

Larry Hench—the late inventor of Bioglass, professor, and entrepreneur—recorded two courses near the end of his long, exemplary career.

Bioceramics: Advances and Challenges for Affordable Healthcare Short Course on DVD

Taught by the late Dr. Larry Hench, the course features five lectures that discuss the ethical and technical challenges facing affordable healthcare in the 21st century with an emphasis on the evolution and clinical applications of bioactive ceramic materials. Review the four-course series.

Surface Chemistry & Characterization of Bioactive Glasses

Gain an in-depth view of the mechanisms behind this revolutionary science in this second DVD series by the late Dr. Larry Hench—leading bioglass researcher, industry expert, and thought leader. This nine-lecture short course provides detailed insight into the discovery of bioactive materials, with reviews of animal models and clinical applications. Additionally, obtain an overview of the mechanisms and technology behind bioglass bonding, toxicology and biocompatibility, with a particular emphasis on characterization strategies and how to determine the best method of quality assurance.