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ACerS Electronics Publications

As a service to the members of the Electronics Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society and the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology that are relevant to the electronics industry.

We invite you to enjoy these articles, which are free as a benefit of ACerS membership, and suggest you take a look at the articles selected for all the divisions.

ACerS members can access journal articles anytime via ACerS Publication Central on WileyOnline.

Publication Highlights

Optimization of dry powder deposition parameters for production of large substrates using functionally graded ceramics
G Kiziltas

Potassium sodium niobate (KNN)‐based lead‐free piezoelectric ceramic coatings on steel structure by thermal spray method
K Yao

Investigations on ferromagnetism of Li and Mn codoped LiZnN by first‐principles calculations
Z Zhang

Electrical properties of Y/Mg modified NiO simple oxides for negative temperature coefficient thermistors
H Zhang