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ACerS Engineering Ceramics Leadership

The Engineering Ceramics Division of The American Ceramic Society is dedicated to the development of its members. Contact the leadership team with questions about the division.

Division Leadership

Contact our 2018-2019 Engineering Ceramics Division Officers

Chair Manabu Fukushima | National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology | Ph: 8152-7367405
Chair-Elect Surojit Gupta | University of North Dakota | Ph: (267) 251-4260
Vice-Chair/Treasurer Valerie Wiesner | NASA Glenn Research Center
Secretary Hisayuki Suematsu | Nagaoka University of Technology
Trustee  Michael C. Halbig | NASA Glenn Research Center
ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison Sanjay Mathur | University of Cologne
President’s Council of Student Advisors Delegates Andy Ericks | University of California, Santa Barbara  Drew Jacobs | Missouri University of Science & Technology

Nominating Committee

Chair Mrityunjay Singh | Ohio Aerospace Institute, NASA Glenn Research Center
Member Jingyang Wang | Institute of Metals Research
Member Andy Ericks  | University of California, Santa Barbara