Darshana and Arun Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Lectures

  • 2020 Frontiers of Glass Science Lecturer:
    Younès Messaddeq; Université Laval, Quebec
    Title: Idea to Innovation of Optical fibers
  • 2020 Frontiers of Glass Technology Lecturer:
    Joachim Deubener; Clausthal University of Technology
    Title:Mechanical properties and thermal behavior of hydrous glasses

The Stookey Lecture of Discovery Award

  • 2020 Lecturer:
    Antoni P. Tomsia; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Title: Glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

George W. Morey Award

  • 2020 Awardee:
    Walter Kob; University of Montpellier, France
    Title: Glass: We love it but it breaks

Norbert J Kreidl Award

  • 2020 Awardee:
    Yifei Zhang; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Title: Reconfigurable materials and optics: a phase change for the better

Alfred R. Cooper Scholars Award:  DONATE to the Cooper fund!

  • 2020 Awardee:
    Katelyn Kirchner
    The Pennsylvania State University
    Title: Beyond the Average: A Statistical Mechanical Exploration of Topological Fluctuations in Glass-Forming Systems
  • 2020 Runner up:
    Emily Li
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Title: Decoding Structure-Dynamics Correlations in SiO2 Supercooled Liquid by Machine Learning
  • 2020 Runner up:
    Jared Rivera
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Title: Effect of nanoscale phase separation on the fracture behavior of glasses: Toward tough, yet transparent glasses
  • 2020 Distinguished Lecturer:
    John Kieffer; University of Michigan
    Title: Exploring the Amorphous State of Matter by Roaming About the Network Building Blocks

L. David Pye Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 2020 Awardee:
    Dale Chihuly
  • 2020 Awardee:
    Donald Uhlmann
  • 2020 Awardee:
    Reinhard Conradt