Darshana and Arun Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Lectures

2023 Frontiers of Glass Science Lecturer:
Lisa C. Klein; Rutgers University, USA
Title: "What the glass transition means to me"

2023 Frontiers of Glass Technology Lecturer:
Manoj Choudhary; The Ohio State University, USA
Title: "Reducing carbon footprint of glass melting: Technology innovations, present status, and strategies for the future"

2017 Varshneya Presentation; Himanshu Jain

L. David Pye Lifetime Achievement Award

2023 Awardee:
Carlo Pantano; The Pennsylvania State University, USA

2023 Awardee:
Steven Feller; Coe College, USA

The Stookey Lecture of Discovery Award

2023 Posthumous Awardee:
Nicholas Borrelli; Corning, Inc., USA

George W. Morey Award

2023 Awardee:
Stéphane Gin; French Atomic Energies and Alternatives Energy Commission Marcoule, France
Title: "Even glass corrodes in contact with water"

Norbert J Kreidl Award

2023 Awardee:
Dr. Qi Zhou; University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Title: "Decoding the structural genome of silicate glasses"

Alfred R. Cooper Scholars Award:  DONATE to the Cooper fund!

2023 Distinguished Lecturer:
Lothar Wondraczek; University of Jena, Germany

2022 Awardee:
Jessica J. Sly
Washington State University
“Lithium-Iron Silicate Glasses as Simulations of High-Fe Nuclear Waste Glass”

2022 Runner up:
William Guthrie
Coe College
“Utilizing electrical impedance spectroscopy to observe in-situ phase changes in lithium diborate glass undergoing thermal relaxation”

2022 Runner up:
Ian Slagle
Coe College
“Multispectroscopic study of lead borate glasses”

2022 Runner up:
Presley Philipp
Iowa State University
“The structure–property relationship in mixed oxysulfide glassy solid electrolyte material: 0.58L Li2S + 0.42 [(1–y)SiS2 + yLiPO3]”