We would like to invite all the active glass research leaders to produce 5~8 min videos (in English) showing their main research lines, faculty and staff, and lab facilities, in a free, creative style.

We aim to collect hundreds of videos, which should be very useful to stimulate collaboration among glass researchers scattered in the four corners of the planet, and also for prospective students and post-docs that are trying to find alternative study possibilities, new positions and opportunities for research collaboration.

These video clips can be professionally produced or home-made. The most important items are the content and keywords, which will make them searchable. Each video will be examined by the four GOMD officers for approval.

Please address any questions and submit your video to the GOMD chair – Prof. Liping Huang


LaMaV/UFSCarThe glass transition unveiled – a theatrical version
LaMaV/UFSCarLaMaV – 40 Years of Research and Education
Coe CollegeCoe College Glass Research
Ohio UniversityPhysics of Disordered Materials
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)Optics & Materials Science & Technology (OMST) Organization at LLNL
SCHOTTDriving Innovation
Iowa State University Glass and Optical Materials group at Iowa State University
Imperial College LondonBioactive Glass and Regenerative Medicine
O-I Innovation CenterO-I Innovation Center, Owens-Illinois, Inc.
University of Tennessee Space InstituteGlass and Optical Materials Research at University of Tennessee Space Institute
Unimore Universita di ModenaDepartment of Engineering Enzo Ferrari at Unimore Universita Studi di Modena
Renssalaer Polytechnic InstituteRenssalaer Polytechnic Institute