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ACerS GOMD Publications

As a service to the members of the Glass & Optical Materials Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society that are relevant to the science industry.

We invite you to enjoy these articles, which are free to read June 30, 2019 and suggest you take a look at the articles selected for all the divisions.

After June 30, ACerS members can access the articles via the ACerS Member Access page.

Publication Highlights

Effect of heat treatment on AgI‐rich chalcogenide glasses with enhanced ionic conductivity

Optimization of melting parameters and minimizing OH content in SiO2‐B2O3‐Na2O‐BaO glass system in microwave heating

Viscosities and working region predictions for bismuth aluminoborosilicate glasses