Alfred W. Allen Award

This biennial award was established to honor Alfred W. Allen’s legacy as an educator, technical contributor and supporter of the Refractory Ceramics Division. The award committee shall select as the biennial award recipient, from the technical literature of the last two years, the author(s) of the technical paper on refractory ceramics which reflects the highest level of technical quality.

2018 Alfred W. Allen Award Recipients:

Jacques Poirier, Eric Blond, Emmanuel de Bilbao, Rudy Michel, Antoine Coulon, Jean Gillibert, Michel Boussuge, Yang Zhang, David Ryckelynk, Gilles Dusserre, Thierry Cutard, and Paul Leplay

for their paper entitled:

New advances in the laboratory characterization of refractories: testing and modelling“; Metall. Res. Technol. 114, 610 (2017)

Recommended reading of the runners-up for the 2018 Alfred W. Allen Award:

“Observation and quantification of the fracture process zone for two magnesia refractories with different brittleness”; Yajie Dai, Dietmar Gruber, Harald Harmuth; Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2017)


“Energy Savings Through Thermally Efficient Crucible Technology: Fundamentals, Process Modeling, and Applications”; Wenwu Shi and Brian Pinto, JOM, Vol. 69, No. 12, 2017

Allen Recipient List

The Theodore J. Planje — St. Louis Section Refractories Award 

  •  2018 Winner: Nancy E. Bunt, Kerneos Aluminate Technologies
  •  2017 Winner: Andreas Buhr, Almatis GmbH
  • 2016 Winner: Bjørn Myhre, Elkem Silicon Materials
  • 2015 Winner: Victor C. Pandolfelli, Federal University of São Carlos
  • 2014 Winner: Jeffrey D. Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • 2013 Winner:  J.P. Willi, Sunset Regractory Services, LLC
  • 2012 Winner:  Rick Volk, UNI-REF, Inc.
  • 2011 Winner:  Rob Crolius – The Refractories Institute
  • 2010 Winner: James L. Hill, Retired – ANH Refractories
  • 2009 Winner: James W. Stendera, Vesuvius USA

In December 1967, the St. Louis Section of The American Ceramic Society announced the establishment of as “The St. Louis Refractories Award.” This has been provided in Article XII of the by-laws of the St. Louis Section “for the purpose of recognizing and honoring distinguished achievement in the refractories field.”

In March 1982, the St. Louis Section voted to amend Article XII of the by-laws. The award was renamed “The Theodore J. Planje — St. Louis Refractories Award” in honor of his many contributions.

Nominations received after December 1 shall be held for the following year. To request a nomination form please contact Patty Smith at P: (573) 341-6265, F: (573) 341-6151.


The Refractories Institute (TRI) will once again award a limited number of scholarships based on academic merit and the applicant’s demonstrated experience and interest in the field of refractories. The scholarships will be awarded in the form of one time grants of $5,000 each and are available to an undergraduate or advanced degree in ceramic engineering, materials science, or a similar discipline at a North American college, university, or technical institute.   Click here for more information.