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ACerS Electronics Division



Mission Statement


ACerS Electronics DivisionOur Mission: The Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society focuses on electronic materials and devices. Click here to view the entire mission statement.





ACerS Electronics Division Research Highlights


If you would like to see your group’s work highlighted, please contact Elizabeth Paisley, Sandia National Laboratories eapaisl@sandia.gov

Dr. Neamul H. Khansur and co-authors Tadej Rojac, Dragon Damjanovic, Christina Reinhard, Kyle G. Webber, Justin A. Kimpton, and John E. Daniels received the 2016 Edward C. Henry Award for their publication in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Electric-Field-Induced Domain Switching and Domain Texture Relaxations in Bulk Bismuth Ferrite. Dr. Khansur authored the paper while a Ph.D. student in Professor John Daniels’ group at UNSW, and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Bismuth ferrite, BiFeO3, is an important multiferroic with potential applications in many proposed functional devices. While thin films of BiFeO3 are attractive for applications in nanoelectronics, bulk polycrystalline BiFeO3 has great potential as a lead-free and/or high-temperature electro-mechanical transducer material. However, the structural mechanisms of the response in bulk BiFeO3 are still to be resolved. Here we report the microscopic origin of electric-field-induced strain in bulk BiFeO3 ceramic up to 14 kV/mm applied electric field by means of in situ high-energy X-ray diffraction. Detailed analysis of the diffraction data highlights that, in spite of the strain/applied field ratio similarities in bulk and thin film BiFeO3, the origin of strain response in film and bulk of BiFeO3 is different.


Publication Highlights

As a service to the members of the Electronics Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in The Journal of the American Ceramic Society and the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology that are relevant to the electronics industry. These articles will be unlocked until December 31, 2017.  After that time, ACerS members can access these articles after logging in to www.ceramics.org.



Preparation, Characterization, and Dielectric Properties of PP/CaTiO3 Composites for Microwave Substrate Applications
V Drishya, A Neelakantan Unnimaya, R Naveenraj, E Kalathil Suresh, R Ratheesh


Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)Ba3.75Nd9.5Cr0.25Nb0.25Ti17.5O54-xNdAlO(3) ceramics
       HT Chen, ZW Zhang, Z Xiong, B Tang, Y Yuan, SR Zhang




Division Flyer



Recent Meeting Highlights

Electronic Materials and Applications January 2017; Orlando, Florida 

     Electronics Division Vice Chair Rick Ubic

       and Plenary Speaker Neil McN. Alford



Kevin Pachuta presents at the EMA Poster Session


     Electronics Division Chair Geoff Brennecka

          and Plenary Speaker Sossina Haile

 Upcoming Meetings and Important Deadlines

January 17-19, 2018

2018 Conference on Electronic and Advanced Materials (formerly Electronic Materials and Applications)
DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World Conference Hotel  |  Orlando, Fla. USA


Meeting Spotlight


January 17-19, 2018

2018 Conference on Electronic and Advanced Materials, Organized by the ACerS Electronics and Basic Science Divisions (formerly Electronic Materials and Applications)
DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World Conference Hotel  |  Orlando, Fla. USA



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Division Leadership

Chair: Brady Gibbons | Oregon State University | Ph: (541) 737-2427 
Chair-Elect: Rick Ubic | Boise State University | Ph: (208) 426-2309  
Vice Chair: Jon Ihlefeld | University of Virginia 
Secretary: Alp Sehirlioglu | Case Western Reserve University | Ph: (216) 368-1987  
Secretary-Elect: Claire Xiong | Boise State University 
Trustee: Steven Tidrow | Alfred University | Ph: (607) 871-2321 

ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison: Martin Harmer | Lehigh University 

2016-2017 Nominating Committee Members
Haiyan Wang | Purdue University
Xiaoli Tan | Iowa State University 
Vojislav Mitic | University of NIS 


Division Rules, Reports and Meeting Minutes


Standard Operating Procedures, modified July 2017

Electronics Division Rules, modified June 2017

Electronics Annual Report 2012-2013

Electronics Annual Report 2013-2014

Electronics Annual Report 2014-2015

Electronics Annual Report 2015-2016

Electronics Annual Report 2016-2017

Electronics Division Meeting Minutes 2012-2017

Division History

The Electronics Division celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008. Read the commemorative brochure on the history of the division, put together by Bob Schwartz for the October 2008 division business meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society was established by the Board of Trustees at its December 1957 meeting on recommendation from a newly created Electronic Ceramic Advisory Committee, composed of Seymour Blum, Edward J. Smoke and E. C. Henry, who acted as chairman of the committee. The division held its first sessions at the 60th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, in April 1958. This was followed by a first Fall Meeting at Asbury Park, NJ, October 8-10, which was attended by 198 registered participants.


History of the First Ferroelectric Oxide Ba TiO3

Proceedings of 1985 Electronics Division Business Meeting

Presentation from Electronics Division Business Meeting at MS&T 2014, Pittsburgh, PA



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