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This past weekend we celebrated Earth Day—a day set aside to consider doing everything we can to take better care of the environment.

So in honor of Earth Day 2018, ACerS and Wiley are offering free access to selected journal articles through June 30, 2018.

You can read articles from all three ACerS  journalsJournal of the American Ceramic SocietyInternational Journal of Applied Glass Science, and International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology—that coincide with the Earth Day theme of greener technologies.

“Smarter synthesis methods, reducing production temperatures, and minimizing waste are not only good for our planet, they are good for the bottom line,” Jonathon Foreman, managing editor of ACerS journals, says about the articles.

You’ll find links to more than 30 articles spread throughout the ACerS Division pages.

Maybe you work in the bioceramics field and are interested in advancements in bone grafts. You’ll definitely want to read “An innovative α‐calcium sulfate hemihydrate bioceramic as a potential bone graft substitute,” located on the Bioceramics Division page.

Or perhaps you might be interested in a new bonding method called cold sintering ceramic bonding, a technique that employs a low-temperature sintering process and provides a bond superior to that of polymer adhesives at high temperatures. If that piques your interest, you’ll want to head over to the Engineering Ceramics Division page or the Manufacturing Divison page to read “Considering the possibility of bonding utilizing cold sintering for ceramic adhesives.”

And if you want to learn how ceramic microspheres were fabricated using internal gelation and a carbothermic reduction process, visit the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division page where you can read “The effect of sintering atmosphere and C/U on UCO microspheres by internal gelation process with carbon black.”

Credit: Wiley Online Library

These are just a few examples of the articles you can read about research that focuses on greener technologies and the environment. To view the free articles, visit the Division pages using the links below. Take a look at all of the Divisions to see the complete set of articles—you may find connections you hadn’t thought about before.

After June 30, ACerS members can log into to read the articles.

Access to all three ACerS journals is just one great benefit of being an ACerS member. If you’re not a member yet, consider joining us!

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