Bulletin covers Volume 100 (January-July)

[Image above] Five issues have been published so far in Bulletin Volume 100—four more to go! Credit: ACerS

For those of you new to Ceramic Tech Today, this year is a big milestone for The American Ceramic Society’s membership magazine, the Bulletin. Volume 100 is being published this year, and one way we’re celebrating is through an ongoing column that looks at the history of the Bulletin by decade.

In addition to looking back on our history, the Bulletin has continued to excel at its core goal of looking into the future at materials and technologies that are expected to have a big impact on the market within the next decade.

The feature articles published in Volume 100 so far have been outstanding, and we thank all of the authors for contributing their time and knowledge to this volume. Below are a few of the feature articles worth a first—or second—read, and be on the lookout for the August issue, which publishes online here Thursday, July 15.

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Quantum dots and nanocrystal-embedded glasses for display applications

By Yoon Hee Nam, Hansol Lee, and Woon Jin Chung

The current high demand and fast-growing market for more realistic images and vivid motion pictures drives the need for high-quality picture displays. Quantum dots and nanocrystal-embedded glasses show a lot of promise for this purpose.

Ceramic and glass materials for a sustainable energy future

By Ram Devanathan, Daiwon Choi, Olga Marina, Josef Matyáš, and Suresh Baskaran

Durable ceramic and glass materials underpin advances in electricity generation, energy conversion and storage, and waste disposal.

Additive manufacturing of ceramics with microflash sintering

By Rubens Ingraci Neto and Rishi Ra

Combining two emerging processing technologies—micro-flash sintering and additive manufacturing—may enable fast production of high-density, arbitrarily shaped ceramic parts.

From concept to industry—Ultrafast laser welding

By Richard M. Carter

Ultrashort pulse laser welding has the potential to transform optomechanical component manufacturing—and research around the world is helping to move this technique from concept to industry.

Bonus feature: Preparing for contingencies helped companies grow during the pandemic

The Bulletin is not the only magazine published by ACerS. Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, published four times a year within the pages of the Bulletin, meets the urgent information needs of ceramic and glass manufacturers—and is available as a free subscription in both digital and printed formats.

By David Holthaus

Companies that were prepared for the next crisis not only survived the last year but, in some cases, found new opportunities and even grew. Hear stories from CoorsTek, Du-Co Ceramics, Corning Inc., and more.

Includes “The rocky road back to ‘live’: Impact of the pandemic from a trade show perspective” by Emma Stokes

Exhibition organizer Smarter Shows shares how they navigated the pandemic to continue bringing industry professionals together virtually while planning the return to live events.