06-30 Owens-Corning Pink Panther

[Image above] In addition to producing several of the films that appeared on the Missouri Chapter of Keramos ceramic movie list, Owens-Corning also produced several humorous commercials starting in the 1980s using their new official mascot, the Pink Panther. Credit: DatCommercial, YouTube

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Juneteenth, the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was created in 1983. Now this upcoming weekend is the 4th of July, which means a three-day weekend for many workers in the United States.

While some people are excited to celebrate the holiday at community events that were canceled last year, others may prefer to spend the day at home with family and close friends. For the latter group, a movie marathon is always a great option—and here at ACerS we have the perfect list to suggest for celebrating a historical holiday!

For those of you new to Ceramic Tech Today, this year is a big milestone for The American Ceramic Society’s membership magazine, the Bulletin. Volume 100 is being published this year, and in celebration, the magazine has featured an ongoing column looking at the history of the Bulletin by decade.

In the June/July 2021 issue, the column focused on the 1960s and included mention of an ongoing project by the Missouri Chapter of Keramos to compile an annual list of industrial and educational films on ceramics and related topics.

The list published several times in the Bulletin through the 1950s and 1960s, and members could borrow the films by contacting a distributor listed next to each title. In addition to thanking the distributors for their cooperation, the Film Committee of the Missouri Chapter also thanked Delbert E. Day, ACerS Fellow and Distinguished Life Member, for “organizing and expediting the work.” (Bulletin, May 1958)

View the list as it was published in the Bulletin issues below.

June 1952

May 1958

November 1962

July 1966

June 1970

Because many of these films came out more than 70 years ago, finding them today can be difficult. The online union catalog WorldCat is one great resource for finding these films, and ACerS members can ask their peers for help through the new ACerS Member Community platform.

In addition to the history column, Bulletin Volume 100 has featured several fascinating articles on cutting-edge topics, such as quantum dots and dissimilar material welding. Check out this list of articles published in Volume 100 so far, and you’ll surely find some absorbing readings for your long weekend!