The ACerS Career Center is the premier online resource connecting employers to the materials industry’s most talented professionals. Our job-seeking audience consists of established and emerging leaders in technology and application development, research, and business management who lead the revolution in fuel cells, advanced catalysts, nanotechnology, piezoelectrics, and structure/properties of advanced materials research. Whether it’s in the classroom, lab or production facility, the ACerS community is on a quest to take advantage of the newest ceramic & glass technologies.

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Visit to learn more about balancing the human resources equation in your organization’s favor.  To complement our virtual career board, we also offer excellent print opportunities in the ACerS Bulletin, the only publication that successfully targets professionals in ceramics-related industries and academia. For further details regarding the online career center, please contact Belinda Raines, Outreach Manager.
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<p>Katherine Lawler, Iowa State University</p>

Katherine Lawler, Iowa State University

“I think the ACerS Career Center is great! It’s easy to use and a great tool for anyone interested in a ceramics or materials-related career. This website greatly simplifies the job search.”

For job seekers, the ACerS Career Center is the ideal place to be seen by employers who are specifically looking for materials professionals. Post your resume whether or not you’re actively looking for new employment, as you never know what opportunities may be out there looking for you. By monitoring our job listings, you can easily see “what’s hot” in the job market, and whether your skills are among those most in demand. And best of all, our site allows you to post your resume for free! Create a profile at right now to get started!