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A. Michael Glazer

Mike Glazer is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor at the University of Warwick. He became interested in crystals at the age of 7, much to the detriment of his school work. Mike was originally trained as a chemist at the University of St. Andrews and subsequently did his Ph.D. at University College London. He was one of the last research students of Professor Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, who had originally been a student of William Henry Bragg. After a year as Research Fellow at Harvard, he was invited to the Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge by Dr. Helen D. Megaw to work on the structures of perovskites. His classification of tilting of octahedra in these compounds has become internationally accepted. Mike was one of the first crystallographers to use synchrotron radiation. After seven years in Cambridge he was appointed as Lecturer in Physics at Oxford and Official fellow and Tutor in Physics at Jesus College Oxford.

Dr. Glazer’s main interests have been in the relationship between properties of solids and their crystal structures, in instrumentation (he was a co-founder of Oxford Cryosystems Ltd, the main supplier of low-temperature equipment to crystallographers world-wide), in history of crystallography and in symmetry.

He has authored several books, the latest being the 3rd Edition of Space Groups for Solid State Scientists (Academic, 2013). He was for many years Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Crystallography and also was the founder of the international journal Phase Transitions.  His main hobby is flying aircraft.