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Alexandre Maître

Alexandre Maître is professor at the SPCTS (Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments) laboratory at Limoges in France. His thesis diploma (1995-1998) was devoted to the kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of the synthesis of transition metal carbides by carbothermal reduction. He was awarded in August 1998 and he obtained a post-doctorate position at Limoges (SPCTS) in the P. Fauchais group in September 1999 up to August 2000. The post-doctorate work dealt with the elaboration of alumina ceramic coatings by using the thermal plasma spraying process. In October 2000, he obtained a permanent position as CNRS researcher at the Laboratory LCSM (Laboratory of Chemistry of Inorganic Solid) at Nancy to develop investigations concerning the thermodynamic modelling, the electrochemical behaviour in corrosive environment, the metallurgical aspects of lead-based alloys. In September 2004, he became assistant professor in SPCTS to implement research activities about the elaboration by Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDCs) route and the mechanisms of sintering of high temperature ceramics. His scientific production (h index: 16) is now composed of 82 publications in international journals, 16 invited conferences, 55 oral communications, 3 chapters of books, 2 grants, etc. He was responsible for at least 15 national or international projects (FUI, ANR, CNRS contracts).