Amar Bhalla is Distinguished Research Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Texas at San Antonio (San Antonio, Tx) since 2007.  His professional career also includes more than thirty years of research, teaching, and service as Professor (Electrical Engineering) and Senior Scientist (Materials Research Institute) at The Pennsylvania State University (University Park, Pa) from 1975 to 2007. He served as a National Science Foundation Program Director in the Division of Materials Research (1993-96) and held over 15 distinguished visiting professor/scientist assignments around the globe. He also participated with the team conducting ‘Materials Processing in space under zero-gravity environment’ at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as a National Research Council Research Fellow, National Academy of Science.

Bhalla’s contribution on various aspects of basic and applied electronic ceramic materials research is detailed in his more than 700 journal publications, especially in pyroelectrics, piezoelectrics, tunable microwave dielectrics, relaxor ferroelectrics, bioferroics and size dependent properties of ferroics and multiferroics, among many others.  Bhalla has organized over 70 scientific meetings, conferences and symposia in the field.  He has served as Editor, Associate Editor, or as Editorial Board Members on J. Ferroelectrics, J. Integrated Ferroelectrics, J. Materials Research, J. Chem. Vapor Deposition, J. Intelligent Material Syst. & Structures, International J. of Inorganic Materials, and J. Advanced Dielectrics. An ACerS member since 1981, Bhalla has served as Chair of Electronics Division (1992-1993) and ACerS Trustee (1998-2002).  Bhalla is recognized by the Society Fellow designation (1990), Edward C. Henry Award for ‘the best paper of last ten years’ (1993) and ACerS Global Ambassador Award (2016). He is also a member or Fellow of several other professional societies.