Bryan Douglas Huey is Professor and Department Head for Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, USA. He earned materials degrees from Stanford (B.S.) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.S., Ph.D.), briefly worked with piezoelectric transducer assemblies for Acuson medical imaging, did postdoctoral research at Oxford University UK, and was an NRC fellow for NIST Ceramics. Along the way Huey was also an international visiting student to Dresden’s then Max Planck Institute for heterogeneous solid state physics, a visiting professor at EPFL physics in Switzerland, and a Velux visiting professor to Aarhus University’s iNANO in Denmark. Building on formative mentoring from Dawn Bonnell, David Carroll, Oleg Kolosov, and John Blendell, Huey’s work focuses on advanced variations of Atomic Force Microscopy, including simultaneous AFM and 3-D fluorescence, high speed AFM, and a recent focus developing Tomographic AFM. This includes 160 publications and 5000 citations principally on piezoelectrics, multiferroics, photovoltaics, varistors, MEMS, and nano-bio-mechanics. Huey is the co-chair for PacRim 2025, and was previously the chair of the nationwide association of MSE department heads (UMC), chair of the ACerS Basic Science Division, one of five organizers for the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting, and a co-organizer for EMA and US-Japan Dielectrics conferences. He has received the ACerS Fulrath award, is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, and was a Marshall Sherfield scholar. He is an avid backpacker, rower, and photographer, and ever grateful to his colleagues, research group, and especially his wife Tina, son William, and parents. Huey’s current interests address novel nano-volumetric property mapping (“TAFM”), and more broadly improving and diversifying recruiting and retention for the materials field.