Changle Hou received his BSc degree (2020) in metallurgy from Anhui University of Technology (Maanshan, China). Following his BSc, Changle Hou worked as a postgraduate at the School of Metallurgy at Northeastern University from September 2021 (Shenyang, China). His research focuse on developing a recycling process of spent lithium-ion batteries by combining kinetics and thermodynamics studies. Experimental research focuses on recovering valuable metals from spent ternary cathode material, spent lithium iron phosphate cathode material and spent lithium cobalt acid cathode material by metallurgical recovery process. His current research activities focus on fundamentals physiochemical properties of metallurgical operations, spent cathode material for lithium-ion batteries, additive, exhaust gas and other usable wastes, directly related to modern extractive and refining processes for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. He has co-authored 4 journal and conference papers.