Changsheng Liu has been an active researcher as professor at Northeastern University (Shenyang, China). He received his PhD (1992), Master (1989) and BSc degree (1986) in materials from Northeastern University (Shenyang, China). His research over the past 37 years mainly focused on three areas: materials surface science and technology, laser application technology and low dimensional materials. In the field of materials surface science and technology, his research explores the properties and behavior of material surfaces. This includes study the surface chemistry, surface modification techniques, and the interaction between materials and their surrounding environment, aiming to develop a better understanding of surface phenomena and to enhance the performance and functionality of materials through surface engineering. Changsheng Liu’s work in laser application technology involves the utilization of lasers in various applications. This includes laser processing techniques such as cutting, welding, and surface treatment of materials. The research focuses on optimizing laser parameters, understanding the underlying mechanisms of laser-material interactions, and exploring novel applications of lasers in manufacturing and materials processing. His research on low-dimensional materials centers around investigating and characterizing materials with reduced dimensions, such as nanomaterials and thin films. He has co-authored over 400 journal and conference papers, 2 books, 1 translated book, and is a co-inventor on 11 patent applications.