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Christian Sallé

Christian Sallé is a design engineer at Compagnie Industrielle des LASer (CILAS) in Limoges, France. He obtained his Ph.D in 2003 in the field of chemical and process engineering at the University Jean Monnet in Saint Etienne, France. The subject was the doping effect of transition metals on thermoluminescence and reactivity of alpha-alumina. He was hired by the SPCTS in 2006 at the University of Limoges for a post-doctorate in the field of transparent ceramics for optical applications. He was hired by CILAS Company in September 2007 as a design engineer to develop a process to produce transparent ceramics. He holds one patent and has twenty of publications. In 2008, he and members of his team at CILAS got the Engineers of the Year award in the innovation category for their work, given by the French newspaper l’Usine Nouvelle.