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Christopher Berndt

Berndt_C_125Christopher C. Berndt is Professor of Surface Science and Interface Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences, IRIS, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.  He graduated in 1977 with a B.App.Sc. in Metallurgy from what is now the University of South Australia. He earned his Ph.D. in the Materials Engineering Department of Monash University. Dr. Berndt undertook several Fellowships in the USA in the early 1980’s that included a fellowship at the NASA-Lewis Research Center in Ohio, where he worked on aerospace hardware, specifically “thermal barrier coatings.” He was appointed a Senior Lecturer at Monash in the mid-80’s. He gained a professorial appointment at Stony Brook University, NY-USA, in the late 90’s where he held several administrative positions including those of Deputy Chair of the Department and Associate Dean of the Faculty. He also became qualified as an ABET visitor.

In early 2005, Dr. Berndt returned to Australia and moved to Swinburne University of Technology in late 2007 as the founding Professor of Surface Science and Interface Engineering. He is proud to remain as an Adjunct Professor at Stony Brook University.

Berndt’s professional interests gravitate around manufacturing; especially in the area of protective ceramic coatings. He was the President of the Australian Ceramic Society from mid-2008 through mid-2010. He was inducted into the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2010 Chris became the Vice-President of ASM International and progressed to President in October 2011.

Dr. Berndt has in excess of 450 publications. He has an ‘h-index’ of 42. He is especially proud of his students and post docs who have achieved professional prominence and good lives over the past 30 years.