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Darryl P. Butt

Butt_photo125x148Darryl P. Butt is a Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State University, Boise, ID.  He received his PhD and BS degrees from Penn State University.  Dr. Butt has been with Boise State since 2005.  He served as Chair between 2008 and 2013.  He has held various academic, research and management positions with A. P. Green Industries (84-87), Ceramatec, Inc. (98-00), Los Alamos National Laboratory (91-98), and the University of Florida (00-05).  

The author or co-author of approximately 200 publications, his research and interests have been diverse including development of materials for extreme environments and energy applications, technical solutions to carbon dioxide emissions including early work on sequestration, membrane technologies for gas separation and syngas production, technical issues associated with nuclear non-proliferation and international security, and materials issues associated with art and cultural heritage.

He has received a number of teaching and research awards and was a past recipient of The American Ceramic Society Robert L. Coble Award.  Dr. Butt has been a member of the Society since 1984, and participates in the Engineering and Basic Science Divisions, and the newly formed Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science Division.  He has served as a section officer of the NM and FL sections of ACerS, on committees including the Board on Phase Equilibria, the Spriggs Award and Nomination Committees, the Journal’s Editorial Board, and as an Associate Editor since 1996.