Doris Möncke joined Alfred University, NY, November 2018 as Associate Professor for Glass Science & Engineering. Trained as a Chemist in Germany, Doris transferred from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, to the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, specializing in Environmental-Chemistry. She earned her doctoral degree in glass-chemistry in 2001, studying irradiation-induced defects, and stayed as PostDoc till 2007. She joined the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), Athens, Greece, from 2007-2011 for IR and Raman studies and was later awarded the title of external scientific researcher of NHRF. After returning to Germany as researcher at the Universities Erlangen (2011-2012) and Jena (2012-2016), she defended her habilitation in 2017, after a first short-term visit to Alfred as docent (Oct-Dec) and before leaving for Sao Carlos, Brazil as visiting researcher (May-Oct) followed by a year as visiting professor at Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Doris authored 6 book chapters and over 80 papers, is a Marie-Curie-Fellow and member of the Basic Science and Technology Committee of the SGT who elevated her to Fellow in 2018. She served on the International Advisory Board of PNCS as well as the Borate Conference and external scientific collaborator to NHRF.

Doris was program co-chair of GOMD/Pacrim2021, the GOMD-symposium of MS&T2022, serves on the Meetings and Kreidl Committees, the board of trustees of CGIF and as GOMD-ICG liaison, and thus also contributes to the North American Steering Committee for the IYoG. From 2020 to 2022 she was associate editor of JACerS.

Her research focuses on structure property correlations and optical phenomena of oxide and fluoride containing glasses, expanding to structural modifications under external forces like irradiation, mechanical impact, corrosion, or the effect of temperature and preferential bonding. Special fascination and interesting collaborations ensued on the topics of archaeometry and colors.