Ed-G-photoEdward P. Gorzkowski III is the acting head of the Ceramics and Rapid Prototyping Section at the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC.  He received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Lehigh University in 1999.  Dr. Gorzkowski then received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering under the advisement of Martin P. Harmer and Helen Chan at Lehigh University in 2004.  His research interests include piezoelectric materials for sensor and actuator applications; processing of dielectric and ferroelectric materials; unique processing methods to create bulk nano-structured ceramics including microwave, high pressure and aerosol deposition processing; 3D microstructure characterization and modelling for improved ceramics such as thermal barrier coatings and capacitor materials.

Edward is an author of more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and proceedings, has delivered over 30 invited presentations including a plenary presentation at the US Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Materials, and served as a guest editor for a special issue of IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Journal. 

Edward has served on several ACerS committee and awards panels such as: Organizer of Several Symposia at MS&T and EMA meetings over the last 5 years; Session Chair for more than 10 Symposia; Judge for Grad Student Speaking awards and Poster competitions for the Electronics Division at EMA and MS&T; Nomination Committee: Electronics Division (2015); Secretary Ceramic Education Council (2015); President Young Professionals Network (2013-2015); Chair of Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Network Award (2015).  Edward is also active in TMS, ASM, Tau Beta Pi, US/Japan Seminar on Dielectric Materials, and DOD related committees.