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Edgar D. Zanotto

Edgar_Zanotto-photo-1Edgar Zanotto has been a professor of materials science and engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, for 40 years. He holds an MSc in Physics from USP, Brazil, and a PhD in Glass Technology from Sheffield University.
Edgar Zanotto chaired 6 of the most important glass congresses and delivered over 300 conference presentations, which include more than 110 invited and several plenary talks. He has published more than 200 scientific articles, 20 book chapters, 2 books and 4 book prefaces on glass science and technology.
Prof. Zanotto has received 29 awards including the Gottardi Prize, the Zachariasen Award, the Engineering Sciences Prize by The World Academy of Sciences, and the Admiral Alvaro Alberto Prize by CNPq. He is a member of five Science Academies. He is a Fellow of the Brazilian Ceramic Society, Society of Glass Technology, and now of ACerS.  Zanotto received the ACerS GOMD Morey award in 2012 and is currently chair elect of the GOMD.
Currently he is the director of the Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials and Editor of the JNCS. Zanotto´s studies include fundamental research on the crystallization kinetics and properties of glasses and glass-ceramics. His research work encompasses rigorous tests, improvement or development of nucleation and growth models for glasses, the effects of liquid phase separation on crystallization, surface crystallization kinetics, overall crystallization, glass stability versus glass forming ability, correlations between molecular structure and nucleation mechanism, sintering with simultaneous crystallization, diffusion processes controlling crystallization, as well as mechanical, rheological and biochemical properties of glasses and glass-ceramics. The technological branch of Zanotto’s team include projects about the development or improvement of glass-ceramics.