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Eugene Medvedovski

Medvedovski_E_photo-for-webEugene Medvedovski is a Senior Materials Engineer at Endurance Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada. He earned his BSc/MS degree in Ceramic Engineering from the Mendeleev Moscow Chemical Engineering University (Russia) and his PhD degree in Ceramic Engineering/ Electroinsulating Materials from the All-Union Research and Manufacturing Centre of Cable Industry (Moscow, Russia). His R&D and manufacturing activity for over 35 years includes advanced ceramics, composites and coatings and their technology for wear-, corrosion- and thermal shock-resistant products, armor, sputtering targets and semiconductors, electrical insulators, catalyst carriers and membranes.

Since 2012, Eugene has been responsible for R&D and new product development at ETI working with wear- and corrosion-protective coatings mainly for oil production and petrochemical processes. Previously, he was a Process Development Manager at Umicore TFP in Providence, RI, USA, where he developed and implemented large size and rotary ITO ceramic sputtering targets and some other semiconductors for TCO thin films. Prior to that, he was responsible for R&D and production support at Ceramic Protection Corp. in Calgary, working with armor and wear resistant products. He was the principle developer of the ceramic armor technology awarded by the ACerS Corporate Technical Achievement Award (2001).

Eugene received the ACerS Global Star Award (2015), Phiel Award of IOM3 (UK, 2007), profiled in Marques Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Advances in Applied Ceramics (UK), author of more than 80 papers, over 20 inventions, presented numerous talks and lectures at international conferences, and served as manuscript reviewer. Eugene is a member of the ACerS Engineering Ceramics Division, NICE, belongs to the “Order of the Engineer” associated with NICE. He has been the co-organizer of ACerS symposia for years, serving also as a session chair.