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Hideki Tanaka

Hideki Tanaka is a group leader for Shoei Chemical Inc., Japan.  He is in charge of the development of Ni-nanoparticle for internal electrode of MLCC.  His group succeeded in establishing a cost-effective method for the mass production of Ni-nanoparticle by DC thermal plasma. 

He was trained in material science at Hosei University in Japan (BA, 1998 and M.Eng, 2000).  After graduation, he joined Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.  He then enrolled into doctoral program and received doctor’s degree from Hosei University in 2004.  After receiving his doctoral degree, leveraging his strong background in plasma, he continued research of functional material synthesis by plasma technology since 2004 at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan and at Sherbrooke University in Canada as a postdoctoral research fellow.  During this research, he published 17 papers and gave many presentations both in domestic and international conferences, and received two awards.   

Since 2006, he has been working at Shoei Chemical Inc..  Initially, he was engaged in research and synthesis of ultra-fine particles, such as Ni, Ta, CIGS, by RF plasma.  After the successful completion of the RF plasma project, he was moved onto the DC plasma process.  This involved the technology transfer of the original DC plasma systems both in Canada and Japan, and design and fabrication of a prototype apparatus of the DC plasma process allowing for the development of binary and tertiary alloy nanoparticles.  His involvement has brought improvements into the system, increased quality of Ni-powder, and established cost-effective method for the mass production of Ni-nanoparticles.

His current target is to synthesize new functional materials for an electronic device and to establish its mass production process by plasma.