Hirokazu Sasaki is General Manager of QD business department at Shoei Chemical Inc., Japan.  He is in charge of the project for searching for the new process of mass-producing nanoparticles including quantum dots. His group succeeded in establishing the new manufacturing process which can mass-produce over several tons of nanoparticles per month for the first time in the world.

He was trained in Metallurgy and Ceramics Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan (BSc. Engineering, 2006 and MS. Sc. Engineering, 2008).  After graduation, he joined Shoei Chemical Inc., Japan and engaged in the development of small AgPd alloy powders and Li2MnSiO4 cathode material for Lithium-ion battery. He then enrolled into doctoral program and received doctor’s degree (PhD., Metallurgy and Ceramics Science) from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2016.

After he received his doctor’s degree, he concentrated on the development of mass-production process for mass-producing nanomaterials especially quantum dots products for display usage.

During the research, he published 4 papers and submitted 19 patent applications. He has succeeded to establish the new mass-production process and now expand its capacity rapidly. In the course of it, he led to establish R&D institute which is subsidiary of Shoei Chemical Inc., named SEMI in Oregon, and corroborated with US venture company, named Nanosys in California to accelerate R&D activities. His current dream is to apply this new process to various kind of nanomaterials especially to nano metal-powders for electronic industries.