Photo-of-OHSATO-for-fellowHitoshi Ohsato is a Senior Researcher at Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute (NISRI), Japan. He received a Dr. of Science from The University of Tokyo in 1984, and a Ms. of Engineering from Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) in 1970. He studied at the NIT from 1970 to 2008 as a professor. After retirement, he joined NISRI and Hoseo University in Korea as Brain-Korea Program Professor from 2009 to 2012. He also studied as a Visiting Scholar in Center for Quantum Device, Northwestern University (Illinois, USA, 1993-1994).

His main scientific interests are microwave dielectrics, ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics. He organized the 3rd International Microwave Materials and their Applications (MMA2004) at Inuyama, Japan. His research has been studied consistently electroceramics based on the crystallography. He has published over 250 papers and 12 books, and has filed about 30 patents, which are cited more than 6000 times by the Scopus.

He has received prestigious awards, including: the 59th Ceramic Society of Japan Award for Academic Achievements (2005), and the 1st Okazaki Memorial Award (2007) from the Fulrath Okazaki Memorial Association. He also received the Best Student Poster Award (2005) from the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society. He is a member of the ACerS Electronics Division. He has contributed as a Symposium Organizer, a Program Chair, and a Proceeding Editor in PacRim. He has organized many projects including: Regional New Development Consortium Project by METI (2002-2003) and NEDO (2005-2007).

After retirement from NIT, he has been studying Indialite/Cordierite glass ceramics for millimeter-wave dielectrics as one of the researchers. This year, he is researching LTCC applied the glass ceramics in Microelectronics Research Unit in Oulu University in Finland.