Jacques Rennotte is currently the general manager of the Belgian Ceramic Research Centre located in Mons.

Jacques Rennotte was born in 1958 in Belgium. After high school, he started studying chemical engineering and graduated in 1982 from the University of Liege.

He continued degree with a philosophy in process engineering, focusing on the development of LVE thermodynamic models for electrolyte solutions and process engineering.

After his PhD, he worked for a spin-off company in the field of data reconciliation and optimisation of industrial plants. In 1993, he joined a Finnish company as a technical manager in charge of new process design and plant start-up. At that time, he was also involved in optimisation of refractories in furnaces in NH3 plants and fertiliser plants. In 1996, he became the site general manager.

He moved then to France to manage NH3 and urea plants, in charge of process modernisation and refurbishment. He was also a member of a scientific committee on ammonia process safety. After 18 years, he moved to the ceramics industry and became head of NGK Insulators’ cordierite honeycomb production for the automotive industry. He devotes all his energy to optimising the quality of the Japanese company’s products. In the meantime, he was a member of the board of the Belgian Ceramic Research Centre for over 10 years and became chairman of the board of the research institutions.

With a wealth of experience in industry, he joined the Ceramic Research Centre to give a boost to industrial activities in the field of ceramic. Today he is involved in the deployment of ceramic technologies for the benefit of industry and its entrepreneurs.