Dr. Jake Amoroso is a Fellow Engineer at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) located in South Carolina. Dr. Amoroso received his B.S. in Glass Engineering Science and his Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, both from Alfred University in New York State. He has worked at SRNL for more than a decade developing waste treatment options for nuclear materials. He leads applied and basic research programs, primarily for the Department of Energy (DOE). Dr. Amoroso’s research emphasizes controlling microstructure and phase assemblage in glass and ceramic materials to realize enhanced functionality for applications including waste immobilization, selective capture, and water decontamination strategies for both legacy nuclear material and used nuclear fuel processing wastes. He has served as a Chief Scientific Investigator for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), received the DOE Nuclear Energy Fuel Cycle R&D Excellence Award, and is an adjunct assistant professor at Clemson University. Dr. Amoroso has co-authored more than 40 professional publications, 1 patent, and contributed more than 100 reports and technical presentations. Jake has been a member of ACerS since 2007 and is currently affiliated with the Energy Materials and Systems Division (EMSD). He served as Chair of the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division (NETD) of ACerS, and helped merge the NETD into the newly formed EMS Division.  He has co-organized symposia at ICACC, PACRIM, MCARE, and MS&T and served on the ACerS book publishing committee for four years. Dr. Amoroso maintains a diverse research portfolio and collaborations with University, commercial, and government. His current research is focused on waste minimization and utilization of actinide materials where his interests lie, at the intersection of applied and fundamental research.