Hemrick-photoDr. James G. Hemrick is a Senior Research Engineer at Reno Refractories, Inc. in Morris, AL, USA.

Dr. James G. Hemrick has been involved in research and development regarding refractory ceramics, thermal management and materials characterization for the past fifteen years. He is currently the Director of Technology at Reno Refractories in Morris, AL where he spent the previous two years as a senior research engineer designing and characterizing refractory ceramic materials for iron and steel, non-ferrous, cement, lime, aggregate production, and other manufacturing industries.  Before coming to Alabama, he spent twelve years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow, a member of the High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML), and then for ten years as part of the research staff. During that time he led projects related to characterization of refractories for the glass industry, refractories for containment and thermal management in the aluminum and molten metal industries, and material development and selection for high temperature/high alkaline environments. He was also the co-investigator on projects regarding materials development for the nuclear industry, heat exchangers in microturbine and fuel cell systems, mechanical testing of insulation material for space applications, and materials selection for black liquor gasification.

He holds a PhD and BS in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla and a MS in Material Science and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.  James resides in Trussville, AL with his wife, four children, and three dogs.