Jeffrey D. Smith is a professor of ceramic engineering in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri.  Professor Smith joined the faculty in Rolla in 1993 after completing a B.S. in ceramic engineering at Iowa State University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in ceramic engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.  Dr. Smith has held numerous research and academic positions during his three decades with the university.

Professor Smith has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses during his years with the university.  From an introductory course on ceramic materials, “Ceramics in the Modern World” to the department’s capstone design sequence.  Phase Equilibria and Refractory Ceramics are two of D. Smith’s favorite courses and most ceramic engineering and metallurgical engineering students at Missouri S&T have taken one or both of those courses.  Dr. Smith has received over 30 university teaching awards that are based, in part, upon student input.

Dr. Smith joined The American Ceramic Society while he was an undergraduate student in 1985.  He was inducted into Keramos that same year.  He is a long-time member of the St. Louis Section and the Refractory Ceramics Division having been chair of both groups as well as organizing many symposia at the section and division level.  He had been technical program chair and co-chair for the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories and chaired UNITECR’s International Advisory Board.  Professor Smith was elevated to Fellow of the Society in 2002, received the Theodore J. Planje award for distinguished achievement in refractories in 2014 and was named Distinguished Life Member of UNITECR in 2015.