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Jeffrey W. Bullard

Bullard_photo125x148Jeff Bullard is a Materials Research Engineer in the Inorganic Materials Group (IMG) of the Materials and Structural Systems Division of the Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  He is a 28-year member of ACerS and Chair of the Cements Division in 2006-2007.  Jeff received the Society’s 2011 Stephen Brunauer Award for best paper in cement science.  His current research focuses on the application of thermodynamics, kinetics, and digital-image modeling methods to simulate microstructure development during the hydration and degradation of cement pastes and concrete. He leads several research projects on virtual cement testing, reaction-transport modeling of cement hydration, simulating degradation of concrete, and developing measurement science for chemical kinetics and structural properties of cementitious slurries.  He was a co-recipient of a 2009 Silver Medal Award from the Department of Commerce for research leading to virtual cement testing software, and also received the NIST Engineering Laboratory’s Communication Award in 2008 and 2010 for papers clarifying the mechanisms of the hydration of tricalcium silicate.
Prior to joining NIST, Jeff received an NSF CAREER Award and several teaching recognitions while an assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering department at the University of Illinois from 1995 to 1999, where his research focused on synthesis, sintering, and grain growth of bulk and thin film oxides.