Jingjing Dong received her BSc degree in engineering from the Dezhou University (2021, Dezhou, China)).  and now pursuing her master’s degree at Northeastern University from September 2021(Shenyang, China). Her research focus on the recovery of high value-added rare earth elements from NdFeB magnet scrap. This involved investigating the kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of the reaction of NdFeB scrap at high temperatures by exploring these parameters, Jingjing aimed to develop an efficient process for recovering rare earth elements from NdFeB scrap, which played a significant role in sustainable resource utilization and environmental conservation. By investigating the reaction mechanisms and optimizing the process conditions, Jingjing aimed to enhance the recovery efficiency and minimize environmental impacted associated with rare earth element extraction. She has co-authored 4 journal and conference papers. During her master period, Jingjing Dong received the awards as the First Class Academic Scholarship (2022), First Class Academic Scholarship (2023) and Xianggang Yucai Scholarship of Northeastern University. (2023)