Joachim Deubener is full professor of glass science and engineering at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany since 2002. His research interests are dynamic processes and phase transformations in glasses and, in addition, he is working on thin (sol-gel) and thick (enamel) film technologies. He published 130 peer-reviewed articles on the field of glass science and is awardee of the Vittorio Gottardi Memorial Prize in 2002 and of the Otto Schott Research Award in 2012. He serves for the ICG (Chairman of TC07 until 2018, lecturer of the Montpellier Summer School starting in 2008) and is on the boards of the European and German Societies of Glass Technology as well as of the German Enameling Society. In 1997, he joined ACerS Glass and Optical Materials Division, where he is currently working for IJAGS as an associate editor.

Joachim Deubener studied applied mineralogy at TU Darmstadt and finished his doctorate in material science at TU Berlin in 1994. He was post-doc at the AML of the University of Arizona and taught at the Stanford University Overseas Campus in Berlin. In 2002, he received his habilitation degree in inorganic non-metallic materials from TU Berlin.