Dr. John S. McCloy is currently Professor in the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering at Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington, USA, and Director for the Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) PhD program. He is also a Visiting Professor of Nuclear Materials at the University of Sheffield, UK. 

McCloy holds a BS (MSE) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS (MSE), MA (Anthropology), and PhD (MSE) degrees from the University of Arizona. From 2008-2013 he was with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he retains a joint appointment as Chief Scientist. From 2000-2008 he held various engineering roles with Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona.  Prof. McCloy is an author on 146 technical publications, including 89 journal articles, 1 book, and 3 patents. He was an invited delegate to two National Academy of Engineering, Frontiers of Engineering meetings, in the US and in Germany. He is currently the Chair of the Art, Archaeology, & Conservation Sciences Division of the American Ceramic Society (ACERS), and is also a long-time member of Glass & Optical Materials Division (GOMD) and the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division. He has served as conference chair for GOMD and as the Chair of the Advisory Board for the American Ceramics Society Bulletin.  He was named ACerS Fellow and recipient of the Richard M. Fulrath award in 2018.

His work over the years has been diverse, from infrared transmitting ceramics to magnetic nanomaterials to glasses and ceramics for nuclear waste forms.  Current work includes predicting crystallization from silicate melts, using optical and magnetic characterization methods to understand glass structure, and studying Iron Age vitrified forts as analogues for understanding long-term glass corrosion.