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Jon-Paul Maria

jpmariaJon-Paul Maria is a University Faculty Scholar and a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the North Carolina State University. Jon-Paul has been a member of the NCSU faculty for 13 years pursuing new materials discovery, property engineering, advances in synthesis science, and new integration strategies to merge diverse materials.

Maria Group research focuses largely on electronic materials, complex oxides, III-nitrides, and high entropy inorganic solids. Maria Group laboratories focus on thin film synthesis by physical vapor deposition, ceramic synthesis using powder processing, structural characterization by diffraction and microstructure measurement using scanning probe and scanning electron microscopy. The Maria Group members currently pursue research in the areas of ferroelectric thin films, high permittivity materials, novel semiconductor contacts, oxide epitaxy, infra-rad plasmonic materials and entropy engineered/stabilized crystals. Jon-Paul has over 240 publications dealing with structure-property-processing relationships in electronic materials and gives regular talks on these topics at international forums.