Dr. Joseph Homeny is Technical Director of the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation in Westerville, Ohio, USA from 1992-present. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, and his Master of Science in Ceramic Science and his Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University.

Homeny has over 50 years of service to the glass, refractories, and advanced ceramics communities. His experience in industry has ranged from plant management to product development to fundamental research. He was Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Visiting Professor at the Naval Research Laboratory, Research Associate at the North American Refractories Companies, a Research Scientist at Owens Corning Fiberglas, and Plant Manager at Colonial Abrasive Products Company.

Dr. Homeny has been involved in The American Ceramic Society and ASTM for over 40 years. As a member of the Refractory Ceramics division, he has been on the Ceramic Manufacturing Council and part of the leadership of the Central Ohio Section.

Dr. Homeny has contributed to 40 publications in the fields of glass, refractories, and advanced ceramics. He is currently writing a book entitled “Fundamentals of Refractory Science and Technology,” and is teaching or preparing 15 online courses dealing with various aspects of glass and refractory technologies in conjunction with The American Ceramic Society. He brings years of experience to these classes and offers perspective on where we have been, and where we are going.

As a longtime member of the ASTM C08 committee, Dr. Homeny led the subcommittee on strength (C08.01), and participated in other subcommittees regarding testing of refractory materials. He has worked on at least nine different standards, refining and organizing ruggedness/repeatability testing among different laboratories. In 2011, he received the Louis J. Trostel, Jr. Award from ASTM C08 for outstanding and sustained service. He is also active in ASTM Committee C14 on Glass and Glass Products and Committee C28 on Advanced Ceramics as a member-at-large and as a part of the executive subcommittee.