Kehan Huang currently lives in London, UK, as a master’s student in the chemistry department at Imperial College London. He plans to pursue his doctoral degree after October, 2021 on Material department, Imperial College London.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials from South China University of Technology, in 2020. During his undergraduate studies, he participated in Prof. Chu’s research group and assisted Mrs. Ye to conduct a series of experiments related to high-entropy ceramics. His work, at that time, focused on synthesizing high-entropy carbides powders and bulk materials, and testing their properties, especially oxidation behaviors. As a result, two research papers were published, and one was selected for the 2021 ACerS Ross Coffin Purdy award. Therefore, he thanks Professor Chu and Mrs. Ye for their help and guidance.

Now, his master’s project is significantly different from above, focusing on first principle electrochemistry simulations. More specifically, investigating the formation energy as well as adsorption energy of different edged metal surfaces through DFT based CP2K software package. As a Ph.D. offer holder, his potential project is solid oxide fuel cell; probably probing the proton mobility in ceramic electrolytes. He hopes this offers him a perfect chance to combine what he learned from his bachelor’s, ceramic, and master’s, energy material and simulation.