Kevin M. FoxDr. Kevin M. Fox retired as Fellow Engineer from the Savannah River National Laboratory in 2020.  His work focused on the development of glass and ceramic materials for the safe disposition of nuclear waste.  He coauthored more than 50 publications in the field, and helped organize 26 symposia at international conferences.  He served as Deputy Director General of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency’s Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science, and as an adjunct professor at Clemson University.

Fox is a Fellow of ACerS and a past member of the ACerS Board of Directors.  He has served as chair of the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division, the Education Integration Committee, the Book Publishing Subcommittee, and the Ceramic Education Council, and was an advisor on the Material Advantage Committee. He has served as a member of the Keramos Board of Directors since 2007.  He helped develop and launch the Education and Professional Development Committee in 2017 and the Energy Materials and Systems Division in 2019.

Fox is the recipient of the Schwartzwalder PACE Award, Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award, ACerS Global Ambassador Award, Energy Materials and Systems Division D. T. Rankin Award, Basic Science Division GEMS Award, and Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division Best Paper Award.

Fox earned his B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.  He and his family recently relocated to Central Florida, where he spends his time volunteering, visiting theme parks, and trying his hand in the travel industry.