Dr. Kiyoshi Shimamura is a Group Leader of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan, since 2007. He received Bachelor of Engineering (1990) in Chemical Engineering at Waseda University, Japan, and Master of Science (1993) and Doctor of Science (1995) in Chemistry at Tohoku University, Japan. He has been Research Associate at Tohoku University since 1995, and Associate Professor at Waseda University since 2002, and has joined NIMS in 2005. He is also Visiting Professor at Waseda University since 2009.

His primary research field is growth and characteristics of single crystals for electrical and optical applications. He is a winner of different awards including Academician (16th Election, World Academy of Ceramics, 2016), President Prize for Achievement in Applied Research (NIMS, 2016), The JACG Award for Excellent Technical Achievement (Jpn. Assoc. Cryst. Growth, 2014) and The KACG Research Award (Korean Assoc. Cryst. Growth, 2011). He is an author of over 400 publications and an inventor of over 200 patents applied.

He is currently belonging to Engineering Ceramics Division of ACerS. He is a session chair of ICACC since 2015, and 11th CMCEE, HTCMC9-GFMAT2016 and PACRIM 12, and contributed to obtain sponsorship for each conference. He received the Global Star Award in 2015, and The Richard M. Fulrath Award in 2012 from ACerS.

Currently, he is focusing on the development of novel single crystal materials for optical, piezoelectric and semiconductor applications. Some of them such as Tb3(Sc,Lu)2Al3O12 as a Faraday rotator for a laser machinery and β-Ga2O3 as a new wide bandgap semiconductor, are already commercialized. He intensively pursues research now on single crystal phosphors for high-brightness white lighting and piezoelectric Ca3TaAl3Si2O14 for combustion pressure sensors.