Dr. Leena Hupa is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and leader of the High-Temperature Processes and Materials research group at Åbo Akademi University (ÅA) in Turku, Finland. After receiving her MSc in chemical engineering at ÅA in 1981, she worked as research engineer at Lohja Corporation (Minerals), Finland. During those years, she worked on optimizing various physical and chemical properties of glasses and glazes. She completed her DSc (Chem. Eng.) degree with a thesis on aluminous raw materials in glass melting at ÅA in 1987. Since 1987, she has acted as senior assistant and senior lecturer, and since 2015 as full professor and inorganic chemistry subject leader at ÅA.

Dr. Hupa has 250+ peer-reviewed scientific articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, one edited book, and three patents & invention disclosures. Her main scientific contribution has been in developing detailed understanding of manufacturing, in vitro, and in vivo properties of melt-derived bioactive glasses as functions of their oxide composition. Since 2015, she has been a member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland. Dr. Hupa is a Finnish member of the Council of the International Commission of Glass and a member of Technical Committees 18 (Glass Melting Technology), 23 (Education), and 04 (Glasses for Medicine and Biotechnology). She is a member of the ACerS Glass & Optical Materials Division and Bioceramics. Her current research focuses on high-temperature processes and properties of inorganic materials in biomedicine, bioenergy, and circular economy applications.