Professor Wondraczek is Chair of Glass Chemistry II at the Otto Schott Institute of Materials and Research (OSIM) and coordinates the DFG priority program 1594. He is Chair of the committees Glass Transition of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and Glasses and Optical Materials of the Germany Society of Materials Research, and is also council member of the German Society of Glass Science and Technology.

Prof. Wondraczek‘s research activities span all areas of experimental glass science with particular focus on the exploration and development of new glass and glass ceramic compositions and surface modification techniques. His main thrusts are the optical and mechanical properties of multi-component oxide, oxynitride and oxyhalide materials. He is exploring structure-property relations with the ultimate objective of providing topology-based tools for the description of noncrystalline solids. Research interests include:

Glasses for applications in optics and energy technologies

Photoluminescence, magneto-optical materials, and fiber optics

Relaxation processes in complex systems