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Michael Lanagan

Lanagan_M_photo-for-webMichael Lanagan is a Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.  He received his BS degree in ceramic engineering from the University of Illinois and a PhD degree in ceramic science from Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Lanagan has been with Penn State since 1998. He was a staff ceramist (1987-1998) at Argonne National Laboratory.  

As an author or co-author of approximately 250 publications, his research focuses on dielectric materials for energy and medical applications. The objectives of his research are to develop high temperature capacitors that go beyond what is commercially available and to minimize the need for costly coolant systems within the hybrid electric vehicles. In addition, he has developed symmetry and resonance concepts that influence wave propagation in electromagnetic metamaterials, which is important for enhancing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Dr. Lanagan’s current research activities in imaging encompass many aspects within electromagnetic passive components which have contributed to the understanding of dielectric structure with electromagnetic properties.

Dr. Lanagan has been a member of The American Ceramic Society since 1982, and participates in the Electronics Division. He has served as a technical and general chair of the Ceramics Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technology (CICMT) conference and as a symposium organizer for the MS&T conference.  He has also been a guest editor for the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology.