Structure and Functions of Ferroic Domain Walls

Setter_N_125Nava Setter completed her MSc in Civil Engineering at the Technion (Israel) and PhD in Solid State Science at the Pennsylvania State University in 1980. After post-doctoral work at the Universities of Oxford and Geneva, she joined an R&D institute in Israel, and led its Electronic Ceramics Lab. In 1989 she was appointed professor of Materials Science and Engineering and director of the Ceramics Laboratory of EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland. She has served in the past as the director of the Materials Department of EPFL.

Setter’s research interests include ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics, in particular the effects of interfaces, finite-size and domain-wall phenomena, as well as structure-property relations and the pursuit of new applications.

She has published over 450 scientific and technical papers. She is a Fellow of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and the World Academy of Ceramics. Among the awards she has received are the Swiss-Korea Research Award, the Japanese FMA Award, the Ferroelectrics-IEEE recognition award, IEEE-UFFC Achievement Award and the AVS Recognition for Excellence in Leadership.