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Nikolai Tsvetkov

 Nikolai Tsvetkov is research assistant professor in Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) living in working in Daejeon, South Korea. He got MS degree at Moscow Institute of Electronic and Mathematics in 2006 and PhD degree in Materials Science Department at KAIST in 2012. At that time he studied fundamental charge transfer processes on nano-sized interfaces for fabrication highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells and his research was nominated for Italian ENI award in 2012. After graduation and till 2016 he worked in MIT in the laboratory for Electrochemical Interfaces performing research in the field of Solid State Ionics on high temperature catalytic application of perovskite oxides. In 2013 his study on the influence of oxide lattice strain on the reactivity toward oxygen reduction reaction won the best poster award in Solid State Ionics-19 meeting in Okinawa and also an award from MIT postdoctoral association.

His main research interests and activities are concentrated on the electronic structure and charge transfer process at surfaces and interfaces for various energy technologies including solar cells, fuel cells, and water splitting reactors. In his works he has shown how the controllable modification of the interface structure can results in drastic enhancement in the device efficiency. He is co-author of more than twenty papers in international peer-reviewed journals including Energy & Environmental Science, ACS Nano, and Nature Materials.

 At present Dr. Tsvetkov continues his work in fields of Photovoltaics and Solid State Ionics working on developing of novel types of all-inorganic solar cells based on perovskite oxides and on investigation of new approaches for enhancement of catalytic activity of perovskite oxides at intermediate temperature.