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Olha Mashtalir

Olha-Mashtalir's-photoOlha Mashtalir is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University, Pennsylvania. She received her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Chemistry from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in Ukraine. After graduation, she worked as a researcher in the Ukrainian company Carbon-Ukraine, focusing on the development of commercially produced nanomaterials, in particular carbide-derived carbon (CDC) and titanium oxide. In 2011, she joined the Nanomaterials Group at Drexel University for her PhD degree.

Her current research is focused on ternary carbides, nitrides and carbonitrides, called MXenes, for energy storage applications, such as Li-ion batteries, super- and pseudocapacitors, and composite materials. In particular, her interest is in MXenes’ chemical structure and properties, mechanisms involved in their synthesis, oxidation and intercalation, and properties of their intercalated compounds. As a result of 2 years working in this field, she has published 3 papers (one in Nature Communications) and holds 1 patent.